Joël Moens de Hase UNSEEN exhibition at Damina Gallery

Joël Moens de Hase, Furr
By   /  March 17, 2014

Damina Gallery will be showing works by Belgium artists Joël Moens de Hase in the coming exhibition UNSEEN, from the 18th of March to 18th of April. The exhibition will take place in two locations – the Damina Art Showroom and the Damina Gallery.

A businessman for a long time before undertaking his artistic journey, art making is a therapeutic exercise that allows him to look into the existential and personal issues in life. Deeply impacted by the technological revolution and bombardment by digital images on a daily-basis, Moens was inspired to use digital photos to create his photo-mosaic works. The show will include works the artist created with thousands of unique images he collected from fashion photos, advertisements and websites over the years. Each image was trimmed to be used as a small part of the overall artwork, where the small images are combined to form a complex picture. Apart from the special creative process, Moens brings surprises to viewers with his use of small images that are pictorially contrasting to the final artwork .

By Miss Wong/ Altermodernist


  • Dates: 18 Mar – 18 Apr 2014
  • Time:
    Showroom: 12:00pm – 8:00pm
    Gallery: By appointment
  • Venue:
    Damina Art Showroom, 63 Peel Street, Suite B, Mezzanine Floor, Soho
    Damina Gallery: Suite 1406 Oceanic Centre, 2 Lee Lok Street, Ap Lei Chau

Photo credits: Damina Gallery

Joël Moens de Hase, Adoration Bleu

Joël Moens de Hase, Adoration Bleu

Joël Moens de Hase, Forbidden Fruit

Joël Moens de Hase, Forbidden Fruit


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