Hsiao Chin’s 60 years of Abstraction, Harmony and Form Exhibition

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By Butterboom Writers  /  May 20, 2015

Artwork (above) Movement of Light, 1963

Contemporary Chinese artist Hsiao Chin will be hosting a solo exhibition at de Sarthe Gallery as to mark his 80th birthday celebration. The exhibition will showcase 18 works which are abstract art created from the period of 1955 to 2004.  Hsiao is recognised for founding the Chinese abstract art organisation, Ton-Fan Art Group, that spearheaded the contemporary Taiwanese art movement with his contemporaries. Hsiao was born in Shanghai in 1935 and left China for Taiwan in 1949. He studied art under Li Chun-Sen, an important figure in contemporary Chinese painting. Hsiao is an artist from the period of the Chinese Civil War and the Cultural Revolution (1966-1967) where artistic development and cultural production was suppressed in Mainland China.  

HSIAO CHIN_butterboom

(L) Concerto 1, 1999 (R) Hsiao Chin, Pintura-AO, 1959, Oil on canvas

About the Artist
Hsiao was recognised for his talent from the mid-1950’s, when he was awarded the Spanish Government Scholarship to study in Spain in 1956 and thereafter exhibiting for three consecutive editions of the Spanish International Jazz Salon. In 1959, he immigrated to Milan and mentored with Mazzotta and G. Marconi.

In the late 1950s, The artworks;  Pintura-AO  (above right) and Pintura Q,  features primary colour palettes in broad strokes on canvas are important works as they mark his reinterpretation of the 2oth century art movement and his interpretation in geometric abstraction that steams from his calligraphic influence. 

Hsiao Chin became increasingly interested in representing the infinite in the 1960s. His minimalistic work uses limited range of colours and spiritual symbols from East and Western culture to capture and visualize the beauty of infinite. In his work, Movement of Life (main image), the composition of the artwork is dissected into two planes, with a saccharine pink space hovering above the white is pure simplicity.

“Hsiao is credited for several important modern art movements in Europe, including the Movimento Punto (1961), the Surya Movement (1977), and the Shaki movement (1989). To Hsiao, art is a journey of inner quest. When he lost his only daughter to an accident in 1990, Hsiao had an epiphany on the Taoist philosophies of “rebirth.” In his words, “life leaves us in one form, but returns in another, because life is a cycle that never dies.” Flying Beyond the Flower Garden, Energy of Life, and Concerto are Hsiao’s odes to life as he conquers the ultimate fear of death, with the gentle imprints of these pieces continuing to characterise his works which were produced after this period.”*


  • Date: 29 May to 27 June 2015
  • Venue: 8/F Club Lusitano building, 16 Ice House Street, Central, Hong Kong 

* Source: excerpt and artist information on Hsiao’s artwork are from de Sarthe Gallery 


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