Artist Spotlight: Warren, Leung Chi Wo

Warren Leung Chi Wo Photo
By Altermodernist  /  May 23, 2014

About The Artist

Born: 1968
Hometown: Hong Kong
Current City: Hong Kong

Local artist Warren, Leung Chi Wo is a Hong Kong pioneer in the art world. With a background in landscape architect and Fine Arts, Warren is also co-founder of independent art space in Hong Kong – Para/Site. He is one of the first artists to represent Hong Kong at the Venice Biennale, the prestigious international contemporary art exhibition, when the first-ever Hong Kong Pavilion was brought to the scene in 2001.

An accomplished artist, Warren  has won many awards including the Asian Cultural Council Fellowship in 1997, the Urban Council Award of the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial in 1997, and the first prize in sculpture from the Philippe Charriol Art Foundation in 1995. We talk to Leung about his artistic journey, inspirations and his love for the countryside.

Leung Chi Wo ENEMY BOMBING 12 marble sculptures

Leung Chi Wo – ENEMY BOMBING (12 marble sculptures)

Area of interests…

My works are mainly set in an urban context. I focus on the relationship between anticipation, perception and communication. I work with different media from photography and video to text, performance and installation, depending on the context of the project as well as the exhibition space.

Your creative journey…

To me, making art is a journey of exploration. It is not a solution to a question or task, but I know I am going to certain direction; and emotionally it allows me to realize my existence.

Source of inspirations…

I spend a lot of time browsing the internet for research, and I love going to libraries. Usually when I am dealing with day-to-day tasks like working on exhibitions, teaching, I get inspired and gain ideas.

Leung Chi Wo Sara Wong Japanese Housewife Scratching Her Back

Leung Chi Wo + Sara Wong – Japanese Housewife Scratching Her Back

The next project…

I am preparing for an exhibition to be held in Manchester later this year. One of the pieces involves a mechanical pillar made up of newspapers; the paper pillar will collapse and rebuild automatically. I am still trying to sort out the technical issues right now.

Important things in life…

To be able to create meanings in life is very important. Of course art making is a way of creating meanings, but there are many other things in life that can be meaningful and important too… like spending time with my family, I think that is meaningful.

Leung Chi Wo Domestica Invisibile #20

Leung Chi Wo – Domestica Invisibile #20

Inspiring places in Hong Kong…

The countrysides of Hong Kong are very inspiring. Actually, the landscape here in this city is very unique — you can actually walk to the countryside within 30 minutes in most of the locations in Hong Kong. The accessibility of the countryside is indeed an example of the possibility for diversity here in Hong Kong. I love hiking, I used to go more when my golden retriever is younger, he is too big now, can only do short walks.

By Miss Wong/ Altermodernist

Photo credits: Leung Chi Wo


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