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By   /  January 16, 2014

This week, our Style Insider is Elizabeth Lackey, Gallery Director at Galerie NeC, Nilsson et Chiglien. Elizabeth Lackey is from the States and has lived and breathed art all her life. What started as visits to museums and art galleries has turned into a career Elizabeth is truly passionate about. She gives us an insight into the art scene in Hong Kong and shares with us her style tips.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re from, how you got into art and what do you do at Galerie NeC…

I was born in the United States, and growing up I moved around a lot. I lived in New York, Denver, Pittsburgh, London, and each of these places has had a unique impact on who I have become. It is difficult for me to pin point one place as being where I really come from. My family lives in Hong Kong now, so I moved here to be closer to them and to be a part of the growing art scene in Asia.

I never wanted to do anything else but work in the art world. Growing up, my mother would take me to museum after museum and gallery after gallery. Eventually, being surrounded by art was the only time I truly felt content. As Gallery director of Galerie NeC nilsson et chiglien here in Hong Kong, my role changes day by day. It could include speaking to potential customers about a piece they have seen, or arranging for a brand to use our space for a private event. Mostly, it’s about communication, with clients, press and the community as a whole.

Art is…

Creative expression over time

A project you are currently working on that you are most excited about…

Our gallery has recently become a member of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association and we were just involved in organizing Art Week at the end of 2013. These sorts of events make the work I do with the Association an ongoing project in itself.

What makes that exciting for me is to be able to not only experience but also help shape the art scene here in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong art scene is going through one of its most significant periods of change at the moment, so to be a part of that and to get to experience is a huge privilege.

Elizabeth Lackey Bright Green Coat, Oversize Sweater and Paisley Print Pants

Everyone should collect art because…

Collecting art isn’t for everyone. I don’t think you need to collect art to appreciate it – you can see it in a gallery, a museum or even an outdoor space and the enjoyment you get out of it wouldn’t be any less than if it was hanging on the walls of your home. I think it’s important for what people buy to reflect their personality and be aesthetically pleasing, but whether that is art, clothes, furniture or something else entirely is completely up to them.

5 artists you believe are doing great work now…

Artists from both ends of the market are all having their own impact on the way Hong Kong’s art scene is developing. On the one hand, you have artists like Simon Birch or Lee Kit who are raising the profile of Hong Kong as a place for internationally renowned galleries to establish themselves in the city. There are also artists like Tsang Kin Wah and Chow Chun Fai who are working with the local galleries that have been established in Hong Kong.

Elizabeth Lackey Purple Top, Paisley Print Scarf and Green Pants

A quote that inspires you…

Henri Matisse said “Creativity takes courage.” I am a big believer in this statement.

3 people from the art world you think has great taste…
  • Clare Hsu, Founder of the Asia Art Archive
  • Sandra Walters, Founder of Sandra Walters Art Consultancy
  • American photographer, Cindy Sherman 
5 awesome places to view works of art in Hong Kong for art lovers…
  1. Sheung Wan
  2. Asia Society
  3. Hong Kong Museum of Art
  4. Hong Kong Art Centre
  5. The China Club
Describe your style…

Quality basics with vintage and contemporary pieces

What does your work wardrobe consist of mostly? Key pieces for work and play that expresses who you are in your life right now…

Having some sort of creative flare is always a consistent part of my work attire. Style, like art, is a form of personal expression. My Grandmother was a model in the 1940s and I was lucky enough to inherit a lot of her clothing. She was 5’10, so I’ve had most pieces altered, but I love being able to express myself through the timeless feminine styles that she wore when she was young.

Elizabeth Lackey Accessories - Glasses and Cuff Bracelet

A style mantra that you stick by… 

Red nails. I have never worn another color. Bella at the Nail Library around the corner from my gallery does them better than anyone.

Your top 3 beauty routines…

I get my hair done by Gabriel Gavalas at Paul Gerrard. He is talented beyond belief and I couldn’t imagine trusting anyone else with it. As for beauty products, it all comes down to mascara. Chanel mascara and Clinique mascara are my go-to makeup.

Your top 3 places in Hong Kong or online you buy your clothes from…
  • Cos
  • J Crew
  • Vintage stores
10 websites you read religiously…
  1. Artdaily – A terrific online Art Newspaper
  2. Blouin Artinfo – Art, style, events, market updates
  3. The Sartorialist – Up to date street style from all over the world
  4. Artnet – For the latest art market news
  5. Fancy – My favorite online design shop
  6. HK Art Gallery Association – For general information and art openings
  7. Opening Ceremony – Crazy contemporary style pieces
  8. MOCATV’s Youtube Channel – The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art’s video channel
  9. NY Times – For news and current events
  10. Facebook / Instagram / Twitter –   For all social networking needs!

Photographer: Andrea Pun


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