Q&A with Fashion Designer Crystal Wang

By Lau  /  January 7, 2016

Fashion Designer Crystal Wang was born in Taiwan but raised in New York and later on studied Fashion Design and Fashion Management at Hong Kong School of Design before launching her eponymous brand in 2011. Inspired by her travel experiences, Crystal specialises in contemporary womenswear that’s super stylish and elegant with a focus on clean lines.  With impeccable taste for fashion and often photographed in stylish looks, she’s become quite a fashion celebrity and one of the most sought after designers from Taiwan. Between meetings and preparing for next seasons designs, we talk to Crystal about fashion and her travel experiences. 


What is your favourite travel experience? 
Singita Tanzania, Africa. Aside for the safari experience there, I was overwhelmed by the landscape of Africa. I felt a strong sense of contrast between humans and nature whilst looking into the vast horizon. 

What makes your designs unique?
I am actually a very feminine person but my designs are somewhat unisex and understated. I try to enhance femininity through the fluidity of the silhouettes, so my designs are clean and elegant. 

crystalwang3_butterboom Describe your typical working day 
I wake up early and spend about half an hour online, looking for inspirations I like for future photo-shoots or styling references and then move on to checking my emails. It will take me literally 2 hours to get though them. I usually have lunch by myself on workdays because I prefer to have alone time. In the afternoon I will check up with my team individually to check everyone’s schedules. This also takes about 2 hours. Finally, I will update my research references and depending on the season, I will work on either fabrics or designs. 

What is your beauty regime?
My skin is quite sensitive so I can’t use a lot of beauty/skin care products. Most of the time I just use a toner and then dab on just facial oil. However, when it comes to dieting and eating, I am against starving. I will always eat when I’m hungry even if it’s just a small snack. If I overeat, I will make sure I work it off. I cannot function on an empty stomach because I get cranky.

How do you relax from work?
I play zombies video games.


Pet Peeves….
People who add extra people and cancel meal plans last minute- this is a very specific pet peeve and perhaps my only one!!!  I have a habit of booking restaurants every time we eat out. So on the day of the reservation, if someone tells me “hey I asked who and who and they said they will join us for dinner!”……. I will flip out. The only exception is if people call the restaurant themselves to change booking, but I still don’t like it. 

Favourite cities in the world
Tokyo, Ravello in Italy and Sri Lanka- I have good memories in these three cities. 

Favourite pieces in your wardrobe 

  • Saint Laurent black skinny jeans 
  • Double face cashmere blazer from Hermès
  • The Row leather dress 
  • Crystal Wang knit turtle neck slit dress 
  • Protagonist silver silk skirt 

5 things you can’t live without with

  • iPad 
  • IQ air filter
  • Pancakes 
  •  iPad charger 
  • and again… my iPad 

Top 3 most stylish people in Hong Kong

  • Tina Leung
  • Calvin Wang
  • My husband



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