Q&A Phillipe Charriol, CEO of Charriol

By Lau  /  November 24, 2015

Phillipe Charriol is the CEO and founder of Charriol, a luxury Swiss company founded in 1983 specialising in timepieces, jewellery, leather goods and writing instruments. Right from the beginning, Charriol has dedicated every effort to create the finest timepieces with a team of watch making experts focusing on craftsmanship, tradition and technique; blending classics with modernity. Inspired by sports and his parson for sports car, Charriol have developed sports inspired timepieces such as the Chrono SuperSports  and Gran Celtica Chrono and sponsoring sporting events. 

Phillipe Charriol was in town last month and we caught up with him to learn more about the brand and his interests and hobbies in sports and racing cars outside of work. 


As the CEO of your company, what is your typical work day like?

I start the morning with a 45 minute workout and then have a family breakfast whilst reading the papers during breakfast. Then I drive to work on my Ferrari or Bentley; depending on the season. When I arrive at the office, I first connect with Asia. Half of my business are in Asia, my son is stationed in Asia. If weather is fine, I go to the Lake Geneva Yacht Club for lunch. I love the relaxing environment. In the afternoon I go back to office and connect with America. My daughter is in New York. I work quite late, but I would try to go home early so I could dinner with my youngest daughter. If I have time, I like to go out and spend time with my wife and my friends.

Top 5 qualities and characteristics that are necessary to be successful in business

  • Perseverance
  • Wisdom
  • Long term strategy
  • Staff management
  • Finance management


Top 5 passions in life 

  • Car-racing
  • Collecting Antiques
  • Visiting old civilization
  • Skiing
  • Discovering new restaurants

Pet peeve…
Bad manners at the table

Describe the Charriol brand DNA in 1 sentence…
A global, niche and unique brand, French family owned, operated from Geneva.



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