Q&A with Miguel Fluxa Orti, CEO of Camper

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 16, 2016

Camper is a Spanish shoe brand with an interesting heritage. Its origins date back to 1877 in Mallorca, a little town in the south of Spain when Antonio Fluxa set off to the US and brought back the first shoemaking machinery to Spain. The brand was eventually established in  1975 by Lorenzo Fluxà, grandson of Antonio. Camper means farmer, whom the shoes were made for seeing Mallorca’s was essential an agriculture land. Camper went on to make high quality casual shoes and the brand is know for its creativity and innovation  that incorporates sustainability and a sense of humour evident in its design and communications.


The international expansion of the brand stated with the opening of their first shop in Paris in 1992 and in 2004 begins the brand diversification in the hospitality world with Casa Camper hotels. Today Camper continues its activity after 139 years as a family business and is run by fourth generation member, Miguel Fluxà Orti since 2012.

Market for Camper shoes ?
As a Spanish brand, we are big in Spain. The domestic market makes up 20% of our sales and 80% are outside of Spain.  Europe takes up 50% followed by US  and Asia. 


How has Camper evolved?
We want to succeed in reaching as many people as we can, to be brave, continue to innovate, stay true to the brand’s DNA and still push the boundaries in design, communication and find new ways to do things better.

Online sales vs physical stores
15-20% of our sales are currently online and will continue to grow. A lot of people still enjoy going to stores to shop for the experience.  Our stores continue to be a big part of Camper and the way of communication with our customer. When we have a good store design, it dramatically impacts the traffic to our stores.

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Words to describe Camper’s brand DNA?
Quality, unique product and stores, design, sustainability, sense of humour

What is Camper doing with regards to sustainability?
We are focused on renewable energy, using solar energy. For our production, we are constantly looking at improving was to reduce waste. 


Top qualities you look for when hiring for Camper?
Someone who has a strong personality, intelligent, who have unique ideas, is flexible and a team player.

If you can change 1 thing in the world today, what would it be? 
I would like to instill hope for the young people that are coming out in the workforce today particularly in Spain as its not easy for them these days with the economy the way it is. For the first time this generation will be worst off than the previous generation.




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