Q&A With Grace Lam, Fashion Director

By Lau  /  March 16, 2016

Meet Grace Lam, one of Hong Kong’s leading stylists and style icon in her own right. Born in Hong Kong, Lam spent her previous years in London before relocating back to Asia to launch Vogue China. She made her name as the editor of Vogue China for almost 10 years, working with industry greats like Edward Enninful, Steven Klein and Naomi Campbell before venturing out on her own. 

Whilst fashion is her first love, Lam has managed to converge her role as wife and mother, and is now parlaying her experience to groom promising designers (and looking fabulously well put together – check out her Instagram @gracelamf1), as well as continue to inspire Hong Kong’s stylish set. 



What is a typical working day like for you?
I wake up early and spend time with my two-and-a-half-year-old son, then I go to my office to start the day checking emails, and organising my appointments and upcoming jobs. What I do varies – it could be an editorial or advertising shoot or a personal styling or shopping session with my clients. After lunch, I take my son out for a stroll and then its back to the office or going to meetings and appointments. I make sure I stop work at 5pm to take my son out to the park and play and spend time with him. Then my husband Jason comes home and we have dinner, attend a fashion event or have dinner with friends in the industry.

Who do you think are the top three most stylish people in Hong Kong?

  • Singer Faye Wong, for her unique modern style. She doesn’t care what others think of her, so I love that.
  • My husband, Jason Capobianco. He is a fashion & beauty photographer but he is always stylish but without being too OTT.
  • My Royal Highness mother! My mum is colour blind, but she is the most stylish 70-plus lady I know in Hong Kong. She is always daring and can put a fierce, fashionable outfit together. Can you imagine if she wasn’t colour blind? She would be unstoppable [laughs].

Who’d the most promising young designer you have seen in Hong Kong?
JOURDEN‘s designer Anais Mak has great potential. She choses her material carefully and her cut is devine and suitable for modern women. As her mentor I nurtured her and guided her in the Hong Kong and international fashion scene. Now, her collections are stocked at Paris Colette and at Opening Ceremony in New York.

What is your daily beauty regime?
I am lazy so I just do the most minimal. I use a mixture of Estee Lauder and Kiehl’s, and also Image Skincare, which I usually order from a beauty spa named Browistry in San Francisco.


Describe the Hong Kong fashion scene…
Fun, glam, but can be pretentious like most modern, fashionable cities.

Any advice to Hong Kongers on how to curate a wardrobe that works for them? 

  • Dress according to your age.
  • Buy according to your size.
  • Don’t follow trends blindly.
  • Always mix and match designer pieces with high-street finds.
  • If you don’t wear an item for more than one-and-a-half years then throw it out of your wardrobe and make room for new items.

What are your top Spring/Summer 2016 essential pieces?

  • A sexy lingerie style slip dress from Givenchy.
  • A Monse off-shoulder shirt.
  • Sandals from Tabitha Simmons.
  • A top with big, exaggerated sleeves from Dior.
  • Any bag from Chanel.

How much do you budget to spend on wardrobe updates each season and how many pieces do you buy?
I only buy what suits my style and what I like at that moment. I don’t believe in spending my seasonal wardrobe budget only on designer clothes as I think it’s too easy to look great when you wear head-to-toe designer clothes. If people love my outfit and the outfit is from a no-name brand or a high-street label, then I feel like I have accomplished my mission to create a look and style that works. It’s more satisfying, no? 


Your top five shops in Hong Kong to shop?

And top five Instagram accounts you follow?


When in doubt about whether to overdress or underdress in Hong Kong?
Always be overdressed, as its way better. But, even if you dress inappropriately to an after-work event, if you feel confident as a person then you will feel good anyway. Clothes are a great way to express ourselves, but they aren’t everything.

What do you do with your clothes you no longer wear? 
I either give to charity, donate to my local recycle bin, or I give to friends and family.


For more info on Lam’s favourite stores, check out our Store Directory.


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