Q&A With Fashion Designer, Matt Hui

By Lau  /  November 12, 2015

Matt Hui is is a young Hong Kong womenswear designer that makes luxe knitwear pieces with a modern edge. He’s already garnered a lot of attention from the fashion PR with his first season’s collection of bold knitwear designs that strikes a fine balance between relaxed and sophisticated. Hui cares a lot about quality workmanship as all clothes are made with natural materials like merino wool, cotton and silk that makes each piece very comfortable and wearable.

Inspired by his seven sisters, whom he looked up to to see how they dressed differently, triggered his interest in fashion at an early age. After completing a Fashion Design course at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, he was awarded a scholarship at the prestigious Royal College of Arts in London. He also trained at Pringle of Scotland and Shanghai Tang to gain industry know-how before coming out with his eponymous label in 2014. 


How did you get started in fashion?
I used to draw a lot when I was a kid since I was into arts. I have seven sisters and being the youngest and only boy in the family, I was very interested in how my sisters dressed at different ages. I think fashion is very important, it’s not just a product or basic needs, its a way we express ourself and our personality. 

I always wanted to work in the creative industry, so I enrolled for a Fashion Design course at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and after graduation I got the opportunity to work at Shanghai Tang and also at Johanna Ho. I always wanted to go abroad to study and to look at fashion outside Hong Kong and got to do that when I was offered a scholarship at the Royal College of Art in London.

Describe your label in 1 sentence
Relaxed and luxurious.


 Hong Kong’s best places to shop for fashion

  • Vintage store Me & George (also known as Mee & Gee)
  • Midwest Vintage 
  • Jeans City at Temple Street, Mong Kok- they don’t sell amazing jeans but their alteration service is just great. You can customise your jeans here with studs and even iron on badges to make your own unique pair!
  •  GUMGUMGUM- great place to shop for pieces from local fashion designers. 
  • www.matthui.com – the online shop is coming soon and it will be the best place to shop haha! 

Wardrobe must-have for fall in Hong Kong

  • A basic cashmere cardigan. Winter in Hong Kong is not as cold as other cities and sometimes it can get quite hot, so a nice cardigan always does the job to keep you warm. 
  •  A knitted sweater. I just love sweaters, especially interesting ones! 
  • A light wool jacket in a nice colour instead of just black and grey 
  • A classic black dress for the winter party time  
  • A lot of accessories

Describe Hong Kong fashion style
Honestly, it’s a mix of everything and all differrent styles. I believe it can be more exciting.  


Most important qualities to have in order to suceed as a designer

  •  A clear vision 
  • Technical knowledge of garment making – not just drawing
  • A strong faith in yourself
  • Staying true to yourself and your visions.

Toughest challenges you face as a designer in Hong Kong
It wasn’t easy to start my own business because the support for local designers is still very limited. Also, the Hong Kong lifestyle is very fast, everything moves on so quickly and everything here is very commercial which makes you easily loose your own faith, vision and belief in yourself.

What are you reading?
Nothing specifically except from browsing through some some traditional embroidery techniques books.

What T.V shows are you watching?
The Strain Season 2 

What are the top 5 industry websites you’re visiting the most?
I don’t really look at industry websites now. You might be surprised but I usually rely on www.google.com! I just type the key words and the search engine always bring me to something interesting. 


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