Butterboom x Get Redressed Challenge: Jaclyn Jhin, Founder of Hu-nu

Get Redressed Challenge - Jaclyn Jhin - Grey Paramedic Tee and Black Jacket
By   /  February 26, 2014

Jacyln Jhin of Hu-nu takes part in the Butterboom x Get Redressed Challenge.

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Outfit by:

Jacyln Jhin, founder of activewear fashion brand, Hu-nu.

Describe your outfit…

I’m wearing a Giorgio Armani cashmere jacket over my Japanese Paramedic t-shirt and Levi’s jeans. For accessories, I’ve got on Chanel earrings and my Hermes Birkin bag.

How long have you had them?

I’ve had the Levi’s jeans for more than 20 years, the Giorgio Armani jacket for 18 years, the Chanel earring for more than 20 years, the Japanese Paramedic tee for 10 years, and the Hermes Birkin for 18 years.

Why did you buy these pieces?

I got the jeans in college.  Back then, they didn’t have “designer” jeans – it was basically Levi’s.  These are the classic button fly.

The jacket is 100% cashmere and from Giorgio Armani.  It was the first jacket that I bought when I moved to HK.  It was the most expensive jacket that I ever bought back then.

The Chanel earrings were my first pair of Chanel earrings that I bought.  I don’t have pierced ears, so I can only wear clip ons (I have a skin disorder called Keloids where I get excessive scar tissues with any type of wound).  At that time, the only place that sold nice clip on earrings was at Chanel.  So, I remember saving my money in college to get this pair.  I now have about 15 pairs of earrings from Chanel and if you go to Lane Crawford in ifc, they now have an “antique” Chanel section, which are mostly earrings that are in my collection.  They were selling them for around HK$960 when I bought them and they are now worth HK$7,000, so I’ve definitely made a profit!

Get Redressed Challenge - Jaclyn Jhin - Grey Paramedic Tee and Black Jacket with Jeans and Leather Doctor's Bag

The Birkin bag was the first Birkin that I bought.  Back then everyone wanted the gold color with gold hardware – now everyone wants black with silver hardware.  I waited a few months to get it.  Now it takes over 1 year (unless you go to Japan where you can get some in stock).

The tee is from Japan and it is 100% cotton.  As you can see, if a tee is made from really good cotton, it can last for a long time.  I still wear it a lot.

Why do you still have these pieces your wardrobe and how are they special to you?

I have the jeans because it is my “am I getting too fat” jeans.  If these jeans ever get too tight on me, then it means that I need to exercise more or watch what I eat a bit more.  I have stayed within 5 to 8 pounds of my college weight (except when I was pregnant gained 60 pounds each time)!

The Giorgio Armani jacket is a classic.  It is made of gorgeous cashmere and is versatile.  Even though I have had it for a long time, it still looks new.

The Chanel earrings are beautiful and well made.  The great thing about Chanel is that if something breaks (such as straps for bag or clips on earrings), they will send it to Paris and get it fixed for you.  So, I buy a lot from Chanel (jackets, bags and accessories) because I know that they will help me maintain it in good condition and as I mentioned, they appreciate in value!

I bought the Birkin at almost half the price that it is now.  It is amazing how the price of these bags keep going up.  I keep telling my husband he needs to buy me more as an investment! :-)

I love the tee.  It is super soft and I’ve worn it a lot, but still looks good.  I love that it says paramedic – I think it is funny!

Get Redressed Challenge - Jaclyn Jhin - Grey Paramedic Tee and Black Jacket with Jeans

Photographer: Joyce Yung


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