Butterboom x Get Redressed Challenge: Christina Dean

Christina Dean, Redress - Reconstructed Khaki Green Comme Des Garçons Dress Front
By   /  February 24, 2014

The Butterboom x Get Redressed Challenge is a campaign to promote awareness for sustainable wardrobe management. The ultimate aim is to keep clothes inside their wardrobes and out of landfills. 

To kick off this campaign we will be featuring outfits by our insiders and readers wearing clothes that they have owned for more than five years, in order to promote the importance, and value of durability. 

When purchasing or choosing clothes, look for durability, quality, construction of a garment and craftsmanship to determine how long it keeps on living. Christina Dean, founder of Redress shares with us some tips to consider when purchasing clothes and accessories for a sustainable wardrobe.

Promote this sustainability message and take part in the Butterboom x Get Redressed Challenge competition. Take a picture of yourself in a piece of clothing you have owned for over 5 years, upload onto instagram, and submit it to rsvp@butterboom.com by 20 March 2014, hashtag #butterboom #getredressed #yeechoo and you could win a free designer dress rental from YeeChoo.comClick here for full competition details.

3 things to ask yourself before making a clothing item purchase

  1. Do I really really really want it? Often we don’t want the clothes that we buy and they sit unused in our wardrobes. We buy to fill the space in our minds.
  2. Is it durable and well made and will I be wearing it in five years’ time?
  3. Will it make my life a happier place to live?

Butterboom x Get Redressed Challenge -Christina Dean, Redress - Reconstructed Khaki Green Comme Des Garçons Dress Back

Outfit by: Christine Dean

Founder of Redress.

Describe your outfit

A green reconstructed dress by Comme des Garçons. Its a quirky and unconventional evening dress with an attitude.

How long have you had this dress?

I’ve had this dress for about eight years.

Why did you buy it?

I bought it the outlet store in Ap Lei Chau in Hong Kong. Sometimes unusual clothes don’t capture the attention of most shoppers and so unusual finds that are well made and highly creative can end up in outlet stores. I was with my mother, who has a very individual fashion sense, where she will happily wear her Vivienne Westwood to dig up potatoes in her veggie garden.

Why is it still in your wardrobe?

Its made of some sturdy fabric and the construction of the garment is fantastic with strong seams, and above all because it’s still perfect and I love it.

How is the dress special to you?

I love it because the dress’ style reflects very much how I feel. It’s almost an army dress created for evening wear and this sums up how I feel deep down; I have a battle to fight even in the most conventional of settings.

Butterboom x Get Redressed Challenge - Christina Dean, Redress - Red Embellished Detail Dress with Cream White Anorak Coat Jacket Seated

Describe your outfit

The red Nicole Farhi dress and white anorak is classy with some touches of personality.

How long have you had this item?

The red Nicole Farhi dress for about six years and the white anorak for about 15 years.

Why did you buy it?

I bought the white anorak in a charity shop in London about 15 years. It suddenly started raining and I was with a friend and we dashed into the charity shop and came out with raincoats.

Why is it still in your wardrobe?

Because it has quite a vintage-looking cut and it looks a little aged. I like the aged look; it shows that memories are still important and valued to me and that you want to carry the experiences of your life, which form the fabric of your soul, with you even if they are a little less than perfect.

How is the dress special to you?

It reminds me of dashing through the rain laughing with my friend in London 15 years ago.

Photographer: Joyce Yung


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