5 minutes with Bonnie Gokson of SEVVA

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 12, 2012

Bonnie Gokson has her cake and eats it too.

We all remember when JOYCE Café was the place to be if you were a fashionista. The super brain behind it all, Bonnie Gokson, is no stranger to the fashion industry. With a background in fashion, food, music and home design, she opened SEVVA three years ago and brought us a newer foodie favorite Ms B’s Cakery. Celia Wong talks to Bonnie about cake, fashion and the luxury of time.

Butterboom.com: You’ve been in the fashion industry for many years now, what is fashion for you?

Bonnie: Fashion to me is exciting and interesting because of the dynamic ever-changing nature of the industry. I see it as something that goes hand in hand with a person’s lifestyle. The two influence each other in a way that the different elements of a persons lifestyle sort of become fashion.

Butterboom.com: Talking about lifestyle, people are all about luxury today, what are your opinions on that?

Bonnie: I think many people today almost misunderstand the concept of luxury; they see it as brands, wealth, private jets and the comfort of their own island. To me, time is a luxury. With so much going on around us it’s hard to find time to be with family and friends and to me that is a luxury. The state of our environment today makes breathing fresh air a difficulty, and these are the things that money can’t buy.

Butterboom.com: Let’s talk about SEVVA, how would you say it reflects your taste?

Bonnie: SEVVA to me is more than “just a restaurant” – we are offering a lifestyle on top of merely just good meals. I love the idea of transformation so we often explore new furniture and interiors for the restaurant a bit like my own home. SEVVA goes beyond luxurious into a genre that focuses on combining leisure with style – it’s glam chic!

Butterboom.com: Outside of SEVVA, you are also the mastermind behind Ms B’s Cakery, why a bakery?

Bonnie: The Crunch cake that we first introduced at JOYCE Café was such a hit, as was its introduction into SEVVA’s menu. The small kitchen meant that we weren’t always able to keep up with the popularity of the cake so that’s how the bakery came about. Now we have over 30 different cakes and to me a good cake takes a good deal of tender, love and care. The red color you see in our cakes comes from beetroot, where as a lot of other bakeries would simply use food coloring. It’s that tiny bit of detail that goes a long way.

Butterboom.com: How would you define fine dining?

Bonnie: The most important aspect is the quality and integrity of the food. There should be no shortcuts in fine dining. Even the most ordinary of dishes, like steak for example, must involve the finest ingredients. Many modern restaurants nowadays focus so much on presentation but not necessarily on the quality of the food. Fine dining puts all its emphasis on the highest quality of ingredients and dishes as a whole.

Translated by Natasha Lai


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