Q&A With Art Director Jasmine Chan

By Lau  /  November 27, 2015

 Art Director, Jasmine Chan was working at Lane Crawford before setting up her own operations.  An incredibly stylish girl, she’s got an eye for fashion and can style a photo shoot, set design or models like a pro. She is working with Harvey Nichols and Lane Crawford styling their set and her work have been featured in major publications like Harper’s Bazaar, Tatler, SCMP. We caught up with her to chat about style and fashion in Hong Kong.

jasminechan_butterboom5How did you get started into the fashion industry?  

It happened quite spontaneously, I saw this job advert from Lane Crawford looking for a web coordinator role on my uni’s job board, I thought I might as well give it a try since I was just freshly out from the design school, and I got hired.  

What’s a typical working day like for you?  
My typical working day involves mainly the geekiest activities – online research (googling, tumblring, instagraming) or offline research (flipping through publications).Then I talk to my clients and we discuss the concept and idea we have for the shoot. I cherish how other people perceive my ideas, because at the end of the day I’m telling a story to a group of audience. On an occasional day I’d go on the set of a photoshoot, look at the models and set and make sure everything is under control. 

Hong Kong’s best places to shop for fashion
Finding cheap goods or discounted stuff gives me euphoria. I stock up at sample sales, and I like vintage shopping, so there isn’t really a particular source for me. I shop more when I’m traveling. I found these pair of white plastic boots at a random local shop in Cardiff and I got this lace slip dress from Beyond Retro in London. The other day I found this pair of 90s Prada shoes from eBay for HKD 150, eBay is awesome!  

jasminechan_butterboom4Wardrobe must-have for fall in Hong Kong 

  • A silk or velvet slip dress with a bit of lace details and the finest spaghetti straps.
  • A pair of bell-bottom trousers. 
  • Something sheer – a white sheer top 
  • Anything from the Parisian brand Vetement 
  • Turtle neck is back again thanks to Drake’s Hotline bling vide

Describe Hong Kong fashion and art scene. 
Commercial. That’s the only word. To a point it’s limiting our creativity. Only mainstream cultures survive and it’s killing our creativity. 

Most important qualities to have in order to succeed in the fashion industry 
Well I don’t think I am successful enough to answer this question, Anna Wintour is probably a better person to ask. But if I must say something, then I guess sensitivity would be an essential quality for people who want to stay in fashion.  Sensitive to what’s happening, sensitive to what others think. 

jasminechan_butterboom3Toughest challenges you face as an Art Director in Hong Kong 
People say you shouldn’t blame your tool but I still have to say that I think Hong Kong is lacking in terms of resources and platforms. I always have limited options when it comes to choosing my crew. We have good people but we need more. I believe it has something to do with the political scene, in terms of government support and the education system. How is it possible that we only have one university that provides fashion related degree courses when fashion is such a big business in here? I think there is room to do more here.

What are you reading? 
I’m really into feminism at the moment. I’m reading this classic ‘The Second Sex’ by Simone de Beauvoir. Feminism is about equality for all mankind but it has a negative connotation. If you believe in gender equality, you’re a feminist, we need a better word to describe this concept. 

What are you watching?  
The last movie I watched was ‘Gia’ made in the 90s starring Angelina Jolie. It’s really heart-breaking. 




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