Q&A with Furniture Designer, Caroline Olah

By Lau  /  October 29, 2015

Australian born Caroline Olah knows all about good interior designs after spending 10 years as interior architect. Whilst working in New York, Olah struggled to find customisable furniture fit for each project and so she created Reddie. Named after her child, Eddie with a R, Reddie fills the gap in the market for chic furniture that you can customise online. 

Her wooden teak furniture are made in Indonesia. With Reddie, you can make your own tables, desks and chairs with a change of materials and colours.  From now till 1 November, you can check out Reddie furniture at PMQ where she has a pop-up store.


1. How long have you lived in Hong Kong? 
We just moved to Hong Kong, its been exactly 1 year this month. I started working on my business 2 years ago, and when my husband had the opportunity to move to Hong Kong with his work, we thought it would also be the perfect location to launch Reddie.
2. What’s a typical work day like for you?
Insane! Right now we have our pop-up at PMQ, so I’m working every day this month. My mornings begin with my son,  I usually spend a few hours with him at the start of my day. After a quick coffee and breakfast I head into the store at 10am.  The first thing I do when I get in is answer all of my emails, and check the statistics and back end of my online store to see who has bought and what queries need to be answered. Then I usually have a call with my factory to discuss new designs and order schedule. In between speaking with customers, I am either designing or working out logistics. Right now we are working out how we can distribute our products into Australia.
3. Describe your home…
Light, bright and minimal and furnished head to toe with Reddie, of course! Searching for an apartment in Hong Kong was a nightmare, so when we found our Happy Valley walk-up apartment we immediately fell in love with the place.  It has great bones, high ceilings and exposed concrete beams with very large windows and a view of a park. Its flooded with natural light which was so important to us. 
4. Your favourite time of the day…
Late afternoon. For some reason this is the most focused time of my day.  Mornings I struggle to keep my eyes open, but afternoons I get my fire back…which unfortunately causes me to power on and work till late.
5. Good design is…
Simple. It doesn’t try too hard. Design is so subjective, but for me the projects/designs that I found I achieved “good design” were the ones I created very easily.  They weren’t labored over, but instead were well thought out and executed with precision.  Some examples of good design for me are places like the MOMA in New york, The Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam and the Prada building in Tokyo. 
6. Top industry websites you read daily



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