New Hong Kong Label, Dress in Print Collaborates with Artists

By Roxanne  /  December 5, 2014

Collaborations have long been the lifeblood of fashion, with some of the most legendary collections and designs being spawned from the unification of two creative forces. Hong Kong label, Dress In Print has taken this idea and created a brand that calls on elements such as fashion, art, design and photography to create unique collections. Founded by Hong Kong born and UK raised designer Tania Cheung, who has worked with the likes of Mary Katranzou, Dress In Print focuses on creating honest and bespoke fashion that appeals to the consumer who likes to stand out.

Spawned from Cheung’s disapproval of the lack of collaborations between design houses and artists of varying disciplines in Hong Kong, she created Dress in Print as a way to constantly celebrate the multitude of artistic individuals in the city.

The current A/W 14 collection, Behind The Woods, is a collaboration between travel photographer Jude Tsang and fashion illustrator Agne Ro and was inspired by the textures and colours seen within a forest environment. Deep emerald green, blue and purples are mixed with exciting prints and stark white to create an unusual and exotic collection. We think this collection is perfect for work and play and the chiffon scarves make great ideas for gifting.

They are able to create such vibrant colours due to a method called ‘Subliminal Printing’ which soaks into the yarn rather than just sitting on top, and thus allows for less fading from washing and ultimately, longevity. Using modern techniques like recycled polyester for garments and Subliminal Printing, Dress In Print also champions sustainability as the way forward for fashion. 






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