Stage of Mine Takes Centre Stage

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 19, 2011

Thai fashion label Milin’s new collection is anything if not dramatic.

Milin’s “Ladylike With Attitude” collection took Singapore Fashion Week 2011 by storm and, while the latest “Stage of Mine” collection falls short of the effervescent dreaminess of Spring/Summer 2011 with its clouds and sunset hues, it makes up for it with droves of polished sophistication and unabashedly rich colours.

This powerhouse collection is full of soprano-inspired pieces – think the theatricality of Italian operas such as La Scala – and is all about the glamour of dressing up in impeccably stylized frocks for a night on the tiles.

These voluminous draped cocktail dresses, fur-on-halternecks with a touch of embroidery and sequins, monochrome patterned jackets with whimsically oversized bow ties, and Milin’s signature print treatment – this time rendered in multi-dimensional geometrics – all combined are bound to make one hell of a dramatic entrance.

We spoke exclusively to Milin Yuvacharuskul, one of the three brains behind the label, about this imaginative collection. Can you tell us a bit about your A/W ’11 collection?

Milin Yuvacharuskul: It all started when I fell in love with the theatre in Milan and seeing audiences dress up so elegantly to go to the shows. I wanted to create the same feeling for women to enjoy even they’re not going to the theatre. I also wanted to emphasise the idea that every girl can be the star of her own show and her life is her stage, which is where the collection’s name, Stage of Mine, came from. you think it’s important for a designer to have a trademark of her own – something the consumer can recognize – or would you rather be fluid and go with the flow of the season?

Milin Yuvacharuskul: It’s very important that a designer focuses on his or her own designs which distinguishes him or herself from any other brand. It’s also crucial that customers can see one picture or one item and be able to recognize that it’s our brand. As fashion is about change and choice, you always have to adapt your brand with the times and make sure you don’t lose your identity while introducing new trends to customers. Did you get a good grasp of your brand’s direction from the Singapore Blueprint Fair? I heard such good response about it.

Milin Yuvacharuskul: We got a lot of positive feedback from the Fair. But, we’re taking each step we take very carefully because we’re still relatively new to the industry (the brand has just been established for going on 3 years), and now we have a strong customer base in Bangkok, Thailand. We already have some success in Hong Kong as The Collectives represent our brand really well and does a great job. For Singapore, we got Lula Rock to carry our product line, and we’re currently taking our next big step by tapping into the Asia and Australia markets, while the US and Europe are being considered in our future expansion plan. How do the three of you work together so seamlessly? Do you share ideas or do you have very compartmentalized work scopes?

Milin Yuvacharuskul: The reason that all three of us can work seamlessly is because all of us have been friends for more than 10 years. Each of us is specialized in different areas of work: Puchong is in charge of design, Guarboon is in charge of Graphic and Fabric Print, while I take care of the collection concept, design and overall brand direction. All of us respect each other’s opinions and are willing to help each other as much as possible. We have always put work first and leave our egos at the door when making any decisions regarding the brand. It’s always reason over emotion. Finally, we also did a lot of external research by asking a lot of people for advice and their opinions on things. You mentioned Thailand, it’s such a colourful country – full of culture and rich with history – do you ever take inspiration from there?

Milin Yuvacharuskul: Yes, Thailand is such a beautiful country and is full of inspiration. I tend to travel around Thailand to seek out new ideas. Any favourite Thai destinations you would like to share where you go for this inspiration?

Milin Yuvacharuskul: There are so many for me in Thailand but Krabi would have to be one of the best places I would recommend as my mom has five hotels in the area so I basically grew up there and have made many trips back since I was young. I prefer beaches to mountains and the beach in Krabi is so beautiful with clean sand and crystal clear water. I always come back here to recharge my batteries from work and just to relax. It’s heaven!

– By LiYing Lim



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