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Brook Persich Finger Armour Candy Skulls
By   /  January 10, 2014

Brooke Persich is an Australian jewellery designer currently based in New York.  Her brand was only launched in 2012 and she already has fans such as Brit singer Rita Ora and uber blogger Amanda Shadforth from Oracle Fox Blog.  Her pieces are strong, distinctive and feature crystals heavily.  Currently sold in US, Australia and in Harvey Nichols (UK), she is planning to expand to Asia in 2014.

Rita Ora wearing Brook Persich Green Crystal Skull RingRita Ora wearing the Green Crystal Skull Ring

How did you start in the jewellery design business?

I started in jewellery design after I had been working in the art industry. I wanted to change over to fashion and so I used my illustrations to start drawing designs using crystals, which at the time, I had become very interested in. From there interest grew and I felt it was what I was supposed to be doing. I worked endlessly on my label in the first year because I was so so passionate about it. My head was down on my work for a solid 11 months and when I looked up I had an internationally stocked, celebrity worn label which was really a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Now it’s been almost two years and I have never felt such happiness watching something grow from its tiny beginnings to its present place in New York. There is a new collection for release in a few months!

Most of your pieces feature crystal – why is crystal such an integral part of your designs?

I love working with crystal because I have always been very fascinated by the natural world. Crystals appeal to me because they are created directly by the earth and their natural variation in colours, shapes and patterns are one of a kind. I think that makes them very unique. Such objects that cannot be recreated by man with the same beauty should be treated with respect and as sacred. When you are working with natural gemstone or own a piece, no one in the world will ever have a piece like yours with the exact same colour, composition or mineral make-up. If that isn’t special I don’t know what is!

If you had to choose one piece of your work which sums up the Brooke Persich brand, which piece would it be?

I think that piece would have to be the Crystal Skull Ring which has become the most in demand piece. It is a very special design and is very unique and symbolic. Skulls have been used in jewellery for centuries and used as sources of endless inspiration for the arts and sciences. They are very powerful and mysterious.

Brook Persich with favourite black crystal skull ringBrooke Persich (left) with her personal  favourite – Crystal Skull Ring (£160)

You have a muse board to collate inspiration on your website (which I think is super cool), if you could list 5 women who were the Brooke Persich official muses – who would they be?

Tricky! You see I find muses in all women and even men as well. A muse to me is an individual who ignites ideas and inspirations; it isn’t always so direct or black and white. Muses evoke a sense of mystery and intrigue that make you want to know more about them, they represent something very special and beautiful but somewhat unknown. That’s why saying what makes a muse is so difficult. It’s complex and sometimes designers don’t even understand it!!

I’d say the wearers are one of the biggest groups of muses, they are always interesting women. Besides them and if I had to name qualities and individuals – I love fearless, beautiful, intelligent and innovative women who are authentically true to themselves and make no apologies for it. It creates such magnetism – they seem free and exciting. At the moment I would love to know the worlds of Michelle Lamy, Yoko Ono, Marchesa Luisa Casati, Mary Kate Olsen and Kate Moss. I also LOVE Stella McCartney, I think she is doing some incredible things for the fashion industry in terms of sustainability and providing luxury vegan/animal friendly alternatives. The industry needs her!

What words of wisdom would you say to aspiring female entrepreneurs and designers?

I strongly believe the best way to begin is to start. Make that leap and start, we learn and evolve our voices through practice and action. That’s why you should always be creating and doing. You will work it out along the way and it’ll fall where it needs to. Stop talking about what you want to and just go for it. If you fail then realise there is another way to what you want, be flexible to changes and open to embracing failure. Fear of failure or fear of the unknown is toxic to our dreams and will kill them before we even begin, accept that you are going on a journey of enthralling heights and dismal lows and the only journey worth taking is the one that includes both of these experiences.
The more you do this, the braver you will become. There is a lot of talent in the world and so many ideas. It’s courage to act that will make you all you want to be.

What plans (can you announce) for 2014?

Happy New Year! This year will see so many surprises but most importantly a new collection including new skull colours, gemstones and beautiful metal work.

The next collection is so exciting because I have designed it in a way that every piece of the collection can be worn together across all your fingers. This was inspired by how I love to wear the jewels and this style of stacking has become a trademark/signature look of how to style with the label. A lot of my wearers have written in saying how much they love how I stack the rings and show me their pictures of how they are stacking them, which look so cool. It’s really incredible. I decided to base the whole collection around this stack styling. There is something for every finger!

Brooke Persich brand is for the …  woman.

Influential, Inspiring and Alluring.

What are your thoughts about HK women’s fashion/style?

I love it. The women always look so elegant and stylish. I can’t wait to go and just discover more, talk to boutiques and designers and of course do some serious shopping. They really know how to dress. I love their willingness to try new designers and innovative trends but at the same time make those new things truly individual to their own look. One thing I appreciate is the eye to detail that the HK fashion scene has. There is such care and precision in the smaller details which is what makes them so innovative and fashion forward. Always pushing the boundaries without losing quality timeless design.

Will you be coming over for a visit soon?

Yes! I want to come this year for a few months to explore Hong Kong, the culture and to grow our market there. I am very interested in looking at all the beautifully curated stores and boutiques and opportunities to expand. I also would love to just discover the fashion, design and ideas; I am very much looking forward to that! 

Where to Buy? 

Brooke Persich has an online store but she has currently sold out of her current stock.  Pieces are still available online at Harvey Nichols (  However, it is worth checking out her social media links for some cool inspirations for how to accessorise.

Photo credits: Jillian Sollazzo (hands & portrait)

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