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Melissa Bui FW14 Kaleidascope Skies Moonlight Antoinette
By   /  September 30, 2014

Melissa Bui does not really like to call herself a “designer” but more an artistic storyteller – and you’ll understand why when you see her collections.  Full of embellishments (which is some of her signature work), her pieces are dreamy and almost like little fragments of a wonderland that Melissa herself travels through and wishes us to join her in.

Melissa has a couturier background with previous experience at brands such as Matthew Williamson in London. But it is her work with Hong Kong couturier Barney Cheng as his Assistant Designer that really put her on the city’s fashion map.

In 2013, she took the incredibly brave step of branching out on her own to establish her own designs, and launched a debut collection called “Antoinette on the Moon”.  It was full of dreamy, pastel prints and really did evoke summer days as well as the fancifulness synonymous with Marie Antoinette.

Melissa Bui’s FW14 “Antoinette on the Moon”

Melissa’s next collection, Kaleidoscope Skies, reflected a darker, more seductive silhouette. The woman who would wear these pieces is probably less whimsical than the woman who wore Antoinette on the Moon.  The materials and colours are richer and more decadent, and the collection is more evening wear inspired.  It could be said that the Melissa Bui woman was growing up and exploring her darker sensual side.  However, the collection does not lose its dreamlike quality and the designer does not skimp on embellishments and attention to detail.  The collection was launched with an intimate viewing by all the top fashion influencers in Hong Kong.


Blogger and Make Up Artist @CASHMERECANDY (Alexa Lorraine Bui) wearing Melissa Bui

Blogger and Make Up Artist @cashmereandcandy (Alexa Lorraine Bui) wearing Melissa Bui

Melissa is currently hard at work on her next collection and it will be interesting to see how her story continues. We as followers will just have to wait and see what this artistic storyteller comes up with next…


Photo credits: Marian Tessier Photography

Instagram: @melissaltbui


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