Designer Profile: Glori Tsui

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By Butterboom Writers  /  June 17, 2015

Before becoming a designer, Glori Tsui  studied illustration at California’s famous Art Center of Design and worked for Disney designing children’s clothes. When she moved back to Hong Kong, she decided to pursue green fashion by returning to school to earn a Master’s degree in fashion design as well as work for Paul Smith. Two years later, Tsui’s started her own brand, Methodology. With her background in illustration and art, Tsui used elements of the Cubist style to incorporate in her clothes and accessories. With Methodology, it is all about embracing your own style and ideas to showcase your personality.

For the Spring/Summer series known as Collection 6, Tsui put out a style that showcases boldness and youth that is vibrant and sporty. In line with her green fashion philosophy, she used recycled leather for her accessories and recycled fabric mixed with new for her clothing line. More than 50% of the materials used in the collection are upcycled while 30% are organic.

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H310, 3F, Hollywood, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong.




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