Designer Profile: Eva Cheng Yee Wah

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 31, 2011

Winner of the Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers’ Contest 2011.

In the fashion circuit, Cheng Yee Wah Eva may be a name unheard of in the past, but not for long we predict as the current freelancer has just been thrown into the limelight for winning this year’s “Hong Kong Young Fashion Designers” contest. Hosted and organized by Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the contest – now in its 35th year – was a major event held during the recent Hong Kong Fashion Week.

Eva ended the night on a high note with her avant-garde collection “Fragments of the Sky”. The contender in the final Party & Evening-Wear Group displayed such a cohesive blend of intricate workmanship, innovative cuts and feminine silhouettes in her clothes that she impressed the judges and won their hearts (and ours!) over. For her win, Eva has bagged an enviable one-month internship at top fashion house Rue du Mail’s headquarters in Paris.

The fashion graduate from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, who once worked at fashion retailer I.T for the label :chocoolate, sees clothes as an art form and loves designing feminine styles with Oriental influences and innovative cuts. Eva is poised to be a rising star and we look forward to seeing great things from her.

Our Q&A with Eva Cheng-

Butterboom: Can you describe your style? What sort of designs are you drawn to create?

Cheng Yee Wah Eva: My style is feminine but with an Oriental touch. I like to design artistic yet wearable collections.

Butterboom: Tell us a bit about your inspiration for the collection entered in the Hong Kong Young Designers’ Contest?

Cheng Yee Wah Eva: My theme was called “Fragments of the Sky” and was inspired by Hong Kong’s city skyscape and its shadows. I used traditional Chinese paper-cutting technique to create three-dimensional blooms and all this was done by applying laser cutting technology.

Butterboom: What’s your reaction to winning the contest?

Cheng Yee Wah Eva: Unbelievable and I’m excited to get the chance to intern at Rue du Mail.

Butterboom: Will the collection be on sale anywhere soon?

Cheng Yee Wah Eva: Yes, it will be available at Joyce, Admiralty, very soon.

Butterboom: Who’s your style icon?

Cheng Yee Wah Eva: Audrey Hepburn.

Butterboom: What does fashion mean to you?

Cheng Yee Wah Eva: Fashion is a language that allows me to express myself.

Butterboom: What’s the most important thing to you at this moment?

Cheng Yee Wah Eva: To learn more during the internship. And I want to try to improve myself professionally and at an international level.


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