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Equites brand founder Gingi Medina wearing a sample pair of the signature Equites leather trousers
By   /  June 10, 2014

Equites (the name deriving from the legendary Roman knights) is a soon-to-be launched equestrian wear label started by Los Angeles stylist Gingi Medina.

Medina found that a lot of her clients were attractive active women who loved riding horses but found it difficult to find clothing that they could wear for the sport and also fashionable enough for a lunch or a cocktail party. Sensing an opportunity for this niche market, she began to investigate what she could do about this and  with her background in working with leather decided to develop a line of leather pants and jacket that are made of quality durable leather.  By setting up herself in Bali, Medina has access to affordable, quality leather and good craftsmanship in between enjoying the spiritual lifestyle the place offers.  We love what she’s doing and think that if you are looking to get a leather jacket or pants (think Kate Moss rock chic vibe), check out her sleek sexy leather trousers that are stretchable and breathable.  

Medina is currently working with TV personality Lisa Snowden and designing for Olympic level horse riders to wear the brand professionally.

Equites - Gingi Medina & Aileen Guenther

Medina has also been busy with designing custom pieces for special clients who she believes represents the “Equites” woman – strong, independent, sexy and stylish.  Aileen who is currently is doing a solo motorbike ride around the world.  The Equites custom leather jacket for Ms Guenther has custom dry lining to quickly cool the body as it heats up as well as custom pockets for the removable gel armour which hardens upon impact.

Butterboom caught up with Aileen before she started her epic journey:

Butterboom:  What made you decide to do this journey?

Aileen:  For personal reasons, I really wanted to do something inspirational and as an avid motorbiker, the idea of a solo trip round the world with only my bike seemed ideal.  As I say on my website (

“Life kicked me out of the saddle and after a time of grieving and alteration of myself, I am getting myself back on it – well, I should say “back on the road”. – Aileen


The Motoquest Woman – Aileen Guenther

The Motoquest Woman – Aileen

Butterboom: Describe your personal style?

Aileen:   I am very much vintage inspired and look back to the styles of eras such as the 50s for my inspiration.  I don’t really follow trends or have any specific style icons per se but I do love the whole spirit of the denim especially the denim turn ups and leather jackets of James Dean.

Further Details: 

Keep track of the Equites line via their website or Facebook Page.

Aileen will be updating her followers regarding the progress of her journey via her website and blog: The Motor Quest.

Jackaline Tang

Photo credits: David Biene Fotografie


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