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By   /  September 11, 2014

Who is DYNAmeek?

DYNAmeek, a portmanteau of super (dyna) and meek, is the brainchild of a London based Asian designer who believes the focus should be on design. Having grown tired of street looks appearing very bland and barely differentiated, the designer decided to create a bold design label that will always be full of surprises.

A graduate of University of Northumbria in Fashion Design and University of Manchester in Textile Technology, DYNAmeek’s designer seeks to promote the idea that just as a book should never be judged by its cover, a person should not be judged only on looks. The contrasting styles often portrayed by DYNAmeek present the idea that a meek outlook does not represent a meek personality. 

What made you go into fashion design?

Two things…

  1. Curiosity on how to make my younger sister look like a celebrity when I was 14.
  2. I was into reading manga, and was always doodling clothes for my characters on my textbooks. And I thought to myself, wouldn’t be great if the doodles can be made. Then I got greedy, and that is how I got into fashion.

What have been your key sources of inspiration?

I get inspiration from anything to any person every day, so I do not maintain any key sources. I try not to, since they would constrict me. I want to be versatile and produce different styles. I am aware that people would say I have no style, since I create a different style every season. Honestly, it does not bother me; it will only bother me when I start producing the same look every season. I can tell you that only books about Box Packaging, Origami, Christobal Balenciaga, Josef Albers, Diego Velazquez, Vionnet, make me swoon and drool.

5 words that describe you and your design aesthetic?

Comfortable, functional, funny, prankster and quirky. What I hear every time from my friends and peers. My designs pretty much reflect who I am.

What can we look forward to in the future from DYNAmeek?

Technology and unconventional embellishments.


Can you give us your thoughts on Hong Kong fashion and Hong Kong women’s style…

Hong Kong woman’s style is clean, tasteful, and adventurous with a touch of vintage. I love the culture of Hong Kong, and have been there many times in my life. I have explored a lot of places and seen/met a lot of people, the new and old areas; there is always something interesting around the corner.

Hong Kong fashion is getting interesting with time. I like how the government, companies and some shop owners are very supportive of local designers. I always search and buy local designer brands to support them whenever I travel.

In a lot of countries I find that the general public are blinded by brand names and have forgotten about what creativity and design is; what fashion is really about. Not that the established brands are not creative or boring, but there is so much more with smaller labels. I wish each individual would explore more rather than sticking to established brands. But that is slowly changing in Hong Kong as well as in other countries.

The Collection

The Autumn/Winter 2014 collection by DYNAmeek is full of colour, texture and simple yet interesting silhouettes. Inspired by nature, one of our favourite picks is the orange piece which was inspired by a beautiful (and probably deadly) jellyfish. The delicate look of the jellyfish and its striking colour and deadly nature hints at the DYNAmeek woman who can be both delicate and strong. These types of contrasts are key to the collection. And though the design aesthetic is a little bit more avant-garde than most Asian designers, they are actually still perfectly wearable for the modern working woman who has a bit of an adventurous spirit and appreciates beautiful clothes. The mixture of black with some bright colours in the knits and chiffon dresses are truly beautiful and deserve to be worn to work and out and about.

For more information about pricing and shipping to Hong Kong, check out the DYNAmeek website.

Butterboom Favourite

DYNAmeek - The Jellyfish Piece

DYNAmeek – The Jellyfish Piece

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