Designer Profile: Cynthia Sakai

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 16, 2011

A chat with Vita Fede’s designer Cynthia Sakai during her Hong Kong visit.

Japanese American Cynthia Sakai is the founder and designer behind the Vita Fede jewellery brand. Cynthia started designing at an early age – at the tender age of 18 she launched her first accessories line, Girlboy, and, by 21, had started a multi-line showroom in Los Angeles. When a friend gave her an Italian bracelet as a gift, Cynthia was so inspired with the craftsmanship and immaculate detail that she decided then to design her own collection, which is where Vita Fede coes from – meaning ‘life’ and ‘faith’ in Italian.

We met up with Cynthia when she was in town promoting her jewellery at Harvey Nichols, to talk to her about Vita Fede and how she launched the brand with an order of 10,000 pieces. Describe the style of Vita Fede:

Cynthia Sakai: Very clean, modern lines Describe the typical Vita Fede customer:

Cynthia Sakai: 30 to 45 year olds fashionistas who love a more sophisicated look. There’s also those who have a more rock, funky attitude. Where’s your jewellery made?

Cynthia Sakai: Scandicci, North of Florence in Italy. It’s where Prada and Dior make their jewellery. What are its primary components?

Cynthia Sakai: We like to mix leather with gun metal, light gold (a mix between silver and gold) and rose gold. What really launched Vita Fede into the stratosphere?

Cynthia Sakai: Well, we were featured in People’s magazine only 2 months after starting the business!

Where to buy?

  • Harvey Nichols, The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 2430 9381



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