This Summer’s Superhero Chic

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 21, 2008

Gwenyth & Iron Man: A real stylish team-up.


The May issue of Vogue features a cover with Gwyneth Paltrow decked out in metal with the helmet from her new on-screen boyfriend: Iron Man. No, he isn’t a Transformer, he’s the latest superhero hitting Hong Kong screens next week Wednesday.

If you thought that Mary Jane Watson in the Spider-man movies was too teeney-bopper for you, then Gwyneth as Pepper Potts is the stylish role model for superhero girlfriends.

In the May Vogue, Gwyneth shows off her superhero chic, and we wanted to brace you if you drop by a Bookazine or HMV this week and did a double-take.

See the Iron Man trailer and clips below and Gwyneth as a redhead:


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