The Edison Chronicles: Post CNY Round-Up

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 11, 2008

You might THINK you’re sick of reading about this…


We’re sure you got your fill of talking about (and looking at) Edison Chen and his photographic abilities over the Chinese New Year holiday? Maybe not. Actually from the ongoing discussions we’ve had all last week it seems this is the story of the decade.

Let’s round up what we’ve learned:

– There are a total of 1300 photos of the girls we’ve seen so far, including rumors of potentially a few other girls we know Edison has been dating.

– The Hong Kong police have caught a bunch of people on Wellington Street attached to sending these photos out. A 23-year old was released on HK$50,000 bail.

– Even with these suspects incarcerated, another 4 new photos get circulated. This is kind of like the sex version of the Japanese manga series “Death Note

– Edison has released this video apology that we have attached below. We also suggest you check out his blog. Edison’s current location is unknown but most believe him to be in the States.

– We also understand that a bunch more photos are out there on the internet, at least another 40 are out over the CNY holiday that are beginning to circulate and will probably be in your inbox the day you return to work.

– Big rally on Sunday about how the police have been dealing with this. Proving that no matter how much PCCW does to internet-enable everyone in Hong Kong, the old guard still moves slow.

Vincy Yeung (楊永晴) who is Edison’s current girlfriend and Albert Yeung’s niece, is the newest girl involved with this as photos of her in the shower have been leaked recently.

– Although many have poked fun at all this, including us, we have to believe that this is a very serious situation for all involved. The major complication is the potential suicide rumors circulating the girls involved. Remember this is Hong Kong not the “United States of Paris Hilton.” As well as the potential male anatomy that will be threatened should Edison step foot in Hong Kong again anytime soon. The Hong Kong entertainment industry being what it is.

– And for Hong Kong people who think this is just of interest to Chinese people – this whole thing made it onto CNN for an international audience:

– Gillian Chung will make a public appearance today to respond to all this! So we’re waiting for that news now…

Anything else we miss please leave a comment for other readers.

This week will definitely begin Part 2 of this story!


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