Style Tips By Bonnie Gokson

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 22, 2009

Hong Kong’s style icon shares her style secrets directly with us.


Bonnie Gokson is one of the most stylish women in Hong Kong.

Many of us probably know of Bonnie through her sister, legendary fashion icon Joyce Ma. These days, Bonnie Gokson is holding her own court and has become a style icon in her own right. With her unique talent for spotting and leading the hottest fashion trends, Bonnie is a permanent fixture in the social pages of Hong Kong’s leading newspaper and lifestyle magazines.

Bonnie has worked with some of the world’s best couturiers, architects, designers and stylists, including her five years experience at Chanel , where she was the Regional Director for Image and Communications. More recently, she has ventured out on her own and opened SEVVA, an upscale restaurant perched atop Prince’s Building. How does she do it? Well, we asked her and Bonnie was graceful enough to share with us some of her personal styling tips:

You’re known as a style icon throughout Asia – how would you describe your “style”?

Contemporary and simple, flexible and bold, with drama at times.

What’s the one thing we are most likely to find in your closet, can you name the timeless pieces you cannot live without?

I have cashmere & silk sweaters in every color. I love them and wear them all year round.  I also have a huge selection of some of the finest weaves of thin silk/cashmina scarves you’ve ever seen and I wear them a lot. They works well for accents of color, or simply to keep warm in HK’s cold air-conditioned places!

Are there any essential must-haves in any woman’s closet?

Yes, every woman should have the basics like a crisp shirt or blouse, a good T-shirt, well-cut jeans and dress pants, jackets and a nice dress. From there, you can always transform your look with different accessories to add accents.

What 3 beauty products can’t you live without?

A moisturising mask and night serum, eye cream and body cream.

What are the 3 pieces of jewellery that every woman should own?

A bangle, a long chain and perhaps something choker length.

What do you think is the most important thing to pay attention to while dressing?

Check yourself in the mirror and learn to ‘edit’ yourself as a whole. For example, ask yourself: “Are those earrings really necessary with the chain?” Going the simplest route is always better than opting for clutter, especially if you’re not quite sure how to intermix the two with flair.


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