Rain is Looking for Ninja’s in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 18, 2008

A casting call has gone out for local kung fu actors.


The Wachowski Brothers are bringing their latest movie production to Hong Kong in an open casting call to find some Asian men and women who can fit numerous parts in their upcoming ninja movie directed by James (V for Vendetta) MacTigue.

Click here to see the full listings of open parts and see if you or your friends fit any of the character roles.

While the webpage notes the movie as the generic Ninja Assassins, we are going to take a big guess and say that is the working title for what they are really filming, which is the live-action version of the Japanese anime Ninja Scroll – a major influence on their Matrix movies. This movie has been in the pipeline since 2002, but no doubt that after seeing what Korean star Rain can do in their upcoming Speed Racer movie they quickly cast him as Jubei, the lead ninja (sans black outfit) in what we believe to be Ninja Scroll.

For our readers, here’s a chance to get up close and personal with Rain:

Pretty Ninja Woman, Female 20s
Dangerous assassin disguised as an attractive woman. Strong fighting skills.

More as it develops.

UPDATE: Variety is reporting that the movie is called Ninja Assassin and that if you do get cast in the movie you’ll be shooting from March to July in Berlin. I guess Berlin is a cheap substitute for feudal Japan? OK, we’ve been wrong before…


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