Isabella Leong in Valentino Tribal Gown

Isabella Leong Valentino HK Film Awards 2014
By Butterboom Writers  /  May 13, 2014

Isabella Leong transformed into a Valentino tribal queen and made a majestic appearance at the 33rd Hong Kong Film Awards. Her long-sleeved Valentino tulle gown is richly embroidered with ethnic motif and is sheer throughout — one of the most challenging pieces to wear in the Spring 2014 collection. Yet, Isabella tamed the dress without a hitch and pulled off a well-executed tribal luxe. Only just returned to the showbiz scene, Isabella’s choice of outfit surely made a strong statement.

The see-through Valentino number starts with a high round neckline, followed by opulent, dark blue embroidery that subtly covers the shoulders and ends above the chest — a deliberate design which flattered Isabella’s figure in a tasteful manner and complimented her ever-growing aura of elegance. Floating across her dress are glaring tribal patterns in the vibrant colours of Mother Nature —turquoise, coral and golden sand — humming a foreign tune for this Queen from a “mystical land far, far away”.

Isabella made a wise decision to balance it out with an understated nude makeup and sleek centre-parting updo, only adding a pair of diamond earrings from Dickson Yewn (Manchurian heritage-themed) to finish this simple making of her divine red carpet look.

Isabella Leong Valentino Anthony Wong HK Film Awards 2014


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