ButterBoom’s Best Dressed Of The Week – 10 Oct 2012

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 10, 2012

Celebrity stylist Celia Wong takes a look at who wore what last week…

There were so many hot events this week, including Salvatore Ferragamo and Longchamp. Let’s see what Zhang Jing Chu, Jocelyn Luko, Cara G, Marie Zhuge and Gin Lee wore!

Celebrity: Zhang Jing Chu
Event: Salvatore Ferragamo
What she wore: dress by Salvatore Ferragamo
Celia’s comments: Best Dressed Of The Week!
She looked outstanding wearing this Salvatore Ferragamo dress. The black laces look so elegant on her and it’s one of the must-have dresses this fall. This dress made her skin looks perfect too! I’m hoping for more of this at the next event!

Celebrity: Jocelyn Luko
Event: Longchamp
What she wore: dress and bag by Longchamp, shoes by Jimmy Choo
Celia’s comments: I love her animal-print dress very much! I think it’s very chic and stylish, but the dress looks a bit loose on the waist. I think it would look better if it was a bit tighter.

Celebrity: Cara G
Event: Longchamp
What she wore: top, pants and tote by Longchamp
Celia’s comments: She looked stunning in matching this top with the hat, it’s quite elegant with the outfit and hats are one of the hit items this fall as well!

Celebrity: Marie Zhuge
Event: Longchamp
What she wore: dress and bag by Longchamp
Celia’s comments: This outfit is just soooo Marie!!! It matched her personality so well! She looked so cute!

Celebrity: Gin Lee
Event: CD Kick-Off Event
What she wore: Unknown
Celia’s comments: Worst Dressed Of The Week!
I think thestockings made her legs look quite fat and to be frank, the whole style is really… I’m really sorry this time!

Celia Wong: Mini Art Party
What she wore: jacket from Buddhist Punk, skirt by Cotton On

Celia is Hong Kong’s hip fashion consultant and founder of DADA shop. She is an image consultant with HK celebrities and stars like Kelly Chen, Eric Suen, Kay and Elaine Kong. Stay tuned in with her blog: www.celiawong.com


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