Best Dressed of the Week – 29 Aug 2012

By Butterboom Writers  /  August 29, 2012

Celebrity stylist Celia Wong takes a look at who wore what last week…

Last week at the Beverly Polo Club , NARS event, we spotted Hong Kong celebrities Shu Qi, Jacquelin Chung, Ann Ho, Jocelyn and Linda Chung.  Let’s take a look at what they wore.

Celebrity: Shu qi
Event: Fashion weekly event in Beijing
What she wore: MCM’s Leather Tube Top Chiffon Dress
Celia’s comments: Best Dressed of the Week!
Celia’s comments: It was quite a risqué look for her, but she looked stunning nonetheless. The beautiful leather top with her purple hair looks perfect on her.

Celebrity: Jacquelin Chung
Event: London Beverly Polo Club Event
What she wore: Dress from Julia Clancy
Celia’s comments: I think this look is quite eye catching and I love the this leopard print in blue, very trendy.

Celebrity: Ann Ho
Event: NARS event
What she wore: Zara dress
Celia’s comments: I love this girly look on Ann and cobalt blue is just so hot right now. Her matching blue eyes shadow looks good and completes her look.

Celebrity: Jocelyn
Event: NARS event
What she wore: Dress from Karen Millen, Shoes from Jimmy Choo
Celia’s comments: Jocelyn has the perfect body, she’s curvy in all the right places and this dress shows off her figure. The red looks good on her and she looks stunning!!!

Celebrity: Linda Chung
Event: TV’s kick-off Event
What she wore: Unknown
Celia’s comments: Bad Dressed of the Week!
I think this look is quite like PJ and the pieces separately are fine, but together it’s a bit of a disaster. The leopard pattern is quite…… I expect more from Linda!

Celia Wong: NARS event
What she wore: Dress from topshop, necklace from On pedder

Celia is Hong Kong’s hip fashion consultant and founder of DADA shop. She is an image consultant with HK celebrities and stars like Kelly Chen, Eric Suen, Kay and Elaine Kong. Stay tune with her coming up blog:


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