Best Dressed of the Week – 26 Sep 2012

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 26, 2012

Celebrity stylist Celia Wong takes a look at who wore what last week.

Last week saw events held at Harvey Nichols, Just Gold and Shaw Price. We take a look at what Shirley Cheung, Christine Ng, Jacquelin Chung, Nicola Cheung and Ana R wore!

Celebrity: Christine Ng
Event: Harvey Nichols A/W 2012 event
Celia’s comments: Best Dressed of the Week!

What she wore: dress by Alessandra Rich

Celia’s comments: She looks elegant in this dress. People may think the top and dress are separate but it’s actually a one-piece dress! I like that her hairstyle complemented the whole look.

Celebrity: Shirley Cheung
Event: Shaw Price event
What she wore: dress by DIOR, shoes by YSL
Celia’s comments: She looks so elegant in this white silk dress with black lace details. Its very “50’s style” with the shape of the skirt. Something Audrey Hepburn would wear!

Celebrity: Jacquelin Chung
Event: Harvey Nichols’ A/W 2012 event
What she wore: top by pushBUTTON, skirt by KTZ
Celia’s comments: Her look is so chic with this Baroque-print skirt, which is a very hot item this fall! Jacquelin always has good taste in mixing and matching her outfit. Good job!

Celebrity: Ana R
Event: Harvey Nichols A/W 2012 event
What she wore: dress by Alexander McQueen
Celia’s comments: Animal prints is going strong into fall, and this printed dress featuring silkscreen wolf photos is a modern take. Ana R looks fiercely awesome in this.

Celebrity: Nicola Cheung
Event: Just Gold event
What she wore: Unknown
Celia’s comments: Worst Dressed of the Week!
Matching different print patterns is never easy and this is an example of a print-matching disaster. I think a colourful and plain top would work better for this look.

Celebrity: Celia Wong
Event: Lane Crawford Fashion Night Out event
What she wore: hat from online, vest from Korea

Celia is Hong Kong’s hip fashion consultant and founder of DADA shop. She is an image consultant with HK celebrities and stars like Kelly Chen, Eric Suen, Kay and Elaine Kong. Stay tuned in with her blog:


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