Zarie, Hong Kong

Hong Kong start up Zarie is founded by Stephanie Poon, former lingerie and swimwear designer for over 5 years. Stephanie has created revolutionary leggings pushing the boundaries with atheleisure wear from high-tech materials called Nurel. Each pair of leggings contain embedded cosmetic micro-capsules to tone and slim down the legs whilst improving blood circulation, reduce bloating and minimise the appearance of cellulite. 
After working long hours in the office, Stephanie was worried about first signs of cellulite so she decided to use her knowledge gained as a designer and created slimming leggings after discovering the high-tech fabric Nurel. After experimenting with different designs, Stephanie achieved slimming leggings that blends atheleisure wear and workmanship with fabulous designs.
Zarie’s website is currently under construction but you can find out more on their Facebook
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