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Walter Ma is a famous Hong Kong designer known for designing evening gowns and cocktail party dresses for women since the 1980s.  Walter Ma opened his first boutique with his wife Joyce Ma in 1980 after graduating from Hong Kong’s Institute of Fashion Design
t this time, this was a brave move for Walter Ma as most fashion graduates worked for several design houses but Ma’s designs was a hit with local celebrities for his high-quality gowns with intricate beadwork . Since the 1980s, his workshop employs over 100 of people working for his design house which include his own label, Walter Ma, Gee, Vee and Front First. Walter and his wife Joyce Ma are Hong Kong’s power fashion couple, they founded Joyce Boutique in Hong Kong, a luxury goods distributor, bringing in Giorgio Armani, Hugo Boss, Dolce & Gabbana and Jill Sanders to Asia. Joyce was the  first to bring luxury European brand names to Asia.  Joyce is a public listed company today and both Walter and Joyce are no longer active but Walter Ma still serves as Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Fashion Designers Association.

Store Locations
  • Hong Kong Island Store Locations

  • Causeway Bay
    16 Yiu Wa Street
    Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:00 - 22:00
    Tel: +852 2356 6095
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