The Tpod: The Next Generation of Tea Design in Hong Kong

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 25, 2009

Bistrotea brings their innovative tea portion of design to town.


Forget those soggy teabags and teapots with the tea-leaves, Bistrotea introduces a new way to enjoy your tea. The Tpod stands for “Tea Portion of Design’, it is simply a very cool designed perforated stick filled with tea that you can drop in hot or cold water and twirl the stick around to make your tea. No mess, no sogginess and when you are done, easily disposed off.  Bistro tea are made from Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka and comes in a variety of tea types and flavours, like Vanilla Peach Red Tea, Lemon Grass Green Tea and Apple Cinnamon Black Tea.

It’s really quite a cool way to have tea without any fuss. They come in canisters of 16 or 25 and are available at City Super, Three Sixty and the Holiday Inn Delicatessen.

To get you into a Tpod state of mind we have 2o canisters of Tpods to give away to our Butterboom VIP’s so look for an email from us today to see if you’ve been picked.


How much?
HK$60-78 for canisters containing 16 or 25 Qpods.


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