Scary Movie: Hostel

By Butterboom Writers  /  October 29, 2007

Halloween Movie Countdown Part 4


As we lead in to the final 3 days to Hallowe’en we will be intensifying the film selection, so be careful of these next 3.

Did you go to Europe after high school? We did. We got the Lonely Planet guide book and backpacked from city to city to see Europe. We stayed in hostels and met all kinds of different people. It was fun, but we might not have gone had we seen director Eli Roth’s Hostel before we went.

This is more of what we will term “Sadistic Horror” – its like, your worse European holiday, come to life. There are some unbelievably sick and twisted imagery in this movie, and very much not for the faint of heart. Most guys who watch this will think twice, about picking up girls they casually meet ANYWHERE they travel to.

If you can handle the 5 minute clip below you can watch the whole thing, if it freaks you out we have a nice recommendation here for you:


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