Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

By Butterboom Writers  /  September 12, 2008

GOD likes to show their “cheeky” side with these new “moon”cakes.


This proves that some companies in Hong Kong have a sense of humour. For this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋節), Goods of Desire (who got in trouble with the police last year with their Triad-themed T-shirts) decided to forego the traditional shape of the mooncake and go for a play-on-words representation instead (similar to their explosive “Delay No More” campaign, which just in case you don’t know sounds phonetically like a severe curse word in Cantonese) stressing the “moon” in “mooncake.

And not only do they have a sense of humour so it seems that Hong Kong people are also sick of eating the same shaped mooncake every year, because the first batch of these GOD Mooncakes sold out in 20 minutes when they were launched last Friday. The line-up around the store made them decide to produce another batch which they did yesterday to another sell-out in just under an hour’s time.

So we leave you, until Tuesday, with this gallery of GOD Mooncakes which we’re sure will keep you wondering what baker in Hong Kong had the “kahuna’s” to bake all these asses:







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