Discover Water Margin in DB

By Butterboom Writers  /  July 13, 2007

Here’s a good excuse to head to Discover Bay.


Where to go and what to eat this weekend? Go to Central and hop on the ferry to Discovery Bay at the new dining “destination” Water Margin (check out their spiffy site) and not to be confused with the Water Margin in Times Square – that is a restaurant, this is a group of restaurants. Choose from French, Mexican, Caribbean (no pirates) and more – as well as enjoy the dazzling view of the ocean.

Enticing alfresco dining in a peaceful and serene environment just 45 minutes away from Central by ferry, just far enough that you might think you are in a different country but close enough to spend the night in your own bed.

And if you go now and spend $100 at any of the restaurants you’ll get a voucher for a free ferry ride back to Central or participate in a lucky draw. Fun in the sun, and fun for the whole family, except Uncle Don, he’s a mean drunk.


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