Zarie To Launch Slimming Leggings on CrowdFunding Platform

By Lau  /  May 3, 2016
For years, slimming pants have been a woman’s best-kept secret so we got very excited when we recently discovered Zarie Slimming Leggings. Zarie is a new Hong Kong start-up that pushes the boundaries of atheleisure wear with their slimming leggings.
The Zarie slimming pants have a high-tech edge to them thanks to the special fabric sourced from Italy, called Nurel. The fabric contains micro-capsules of active slimming ingredients like Aloe Vera, Retinol and Vitamin E which are released to your skin through the leggings. These ingredients are helpful in toning your legs, improving blood circulation, reduces bloating and minimises the appearance of cellulite. Zarie pants are soft, comfortable to wear and highly breathable so you can wear them during the warmer summer months too.
About the Designer
Before launching Zarie, founder Stephanie Poon worked as a lingerie and swimwear designer for over 5 years so she knows a thing or two about design. The inspiration for Zarie came to Stephanie when she discovered that high-tech fabric Nurel could help to get rid of cellulites. Sensing a huge opportunity to solve this problem, she created Zarie Slimming Leggings. As most women are looking to get rid of unsightly cellulites usually located on the bum and thigh areas, Stephanie decided to make leggings out of Nurel fabric that you can wear all the time, even if you’re not exercising. 
Let’s support Stephanie’s plan to bring them to market by ordering her slimming leggings at NextChapter, a crow-funding platform to support women entrepreneurs before it ends on 8 May. She has already reached around US11,578 of the total US$15,000 that she will need to bring this product to market. So rally your friends and let’s get this project funded so we can get our Zarie slimming leggings this May!
The price:
Prices start from HKD$360 for shorts, HKD$480 for leggings.
Where to buy:

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