Top Hong Kong Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

By Lau  /  November 13, 2015

This week, we would like to feature our favourite Hong Kong fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram. From chic minimal styles to colourful and girly outfits, check out their instagram for outfit inspirations, tips on how to revamp, remix and have fun with your wardrobe. Our favourite Hong Kong fashion blogger Instagram accounts in no particular order are…

apairandaspare_butterboom@apairandaspare Geneva Vanderzeil started her blog in 2009 showing DIY fashion whilst working as a town planner in Hong Kong. Her blog have since evolved into a travel, lifestyle and style advice website. She blogs full-time now  showing off her personal style which she describes as a “classic with a twist”. She’s the queen of DIY and makes her own clothes, accessories, inspiring us to customise our outfits. Check out her Instagram for outfit inspirations that make us want to inject some DIY elements into our wardrobes.

carolchalotterblaie_butterboom@carolcharlotteblair Carol Charlotte Blaire started her blog when friends started asking her for fashion advise. She blogs about fashion, cooking recipes and beauty tips. We love her ‘classy with an edge’ style. She dresses mostly in monochrome but occasionally adds a pop of colour to her outfits depending on the her mood. Check out her Instagram to catch up on all her latest style savvy outfits. 

christingc_butterboom@christingc Christing Chang started blogging when she was living in Notting Hill, London whilst working as a fashion assistant. Her blog was a way to express her personal style and to share her passion for fashion. Her personal style is a reflection of her nomadic travelling lifestyle, a fine balance between California’s laid-back beach aesthetic and Notting Hill, London’s boho street style. Follow her Instagram to catch all her chic laid back looks as she travels the world.

cindidy_butterboom@cindiddy One of our city’s hottest fashionista is Cindy Ko, who started her blog in 2008 and has since garnered a loyal following of fashion lovers.  She works alot with fashion brands styling and photographing her outfits and has collaborated on numerous occasions with up-and-coming designers to develop capsule collections. Her style is a mix of casual chic, elegance and glamour. She can pull any outfit off and look fabulous. Follow her Instagram for fashionable outfits and stylish travel shots.

cindiemindie_butterboom@cindiemindie Cindie Chan started her blog back at university. She turn her hobby of visiting fashion sites and started sharing her views with others about fashion trends on her blog. With basic background with HTML and Photoshop, she started a blog, which eventually landed her a fashion editor job. Her personal style is casual and minimalistic.

fayetsui_butterboom@faye_tsui Faye Tsui is a popular Hong Kong blogger who writes for Harper’s Bazaar Hong Kong and Guest More Magazine alongside her own blog. After working as a stylist for over 10 years in Hong Kong she decided to launch her blog to share fashion and beauty trends she finds interesting, which soon lead to writing about fashion events for fashion magazines. Follow her on Instagram to see all of her stylish outfits and the latest happening around town.

mellomayo_butterboom@mellowmayo Mayo Wo grew to fame for her stylish looks on the fashion site in 2009 gained her an international fan base. She share styling ideas with fashion lovers and launched her blog in 2011 to show off her outfits. Her style is a fine balance of sophisticated elegance with a boyish/quirky twist. She’s always photographed wearing soft romantic colours or vibrant bold colours. Catch her on Instagram for softly filtered girly images and doll like styling.

prettylilthings_butterboom@prettylilthings Addie T started her blog when she went to college in a small town where it took hours to drive to the closest shopping malls. She relied on the internet for shopping and fashion news and eventually started blogging. She uses her blog to  shares  fashion discoveries and her fun and colourful personal style. 

samishome_butterboom@samishome Samantha Wong, a Parsons graduate started blogging as a creative outlet from her 9-5 office job. Through social media, she met a lot of creative people within the city. Blogging eventually led her to her current job as a prop stylist and Social Media Content Creator for brands. Her personal style can be described as relaxed, chic and accessible. Follow her Instagram for a stylised shots of her work as a prop stylist, food and travel shots.

sha_lai_butterboom @shalai Natasha Lai runs her personal blog alongside Hong Kong’s creative indie magazine First Love. She started blogging as a means to document her one-year in London but ended up traveling and led to lots of photo-taking opportunities. Her personal style is very practical, minimal and consists of a lot of neutral colours. Follow her Instagram to see all the things she loves. Expect to see pictures of dogs, plants, travel, cooking attempts and the occasional sneak peeks of the magazine she runs!

vforvisalla_butterboom@vforvisala Visala Wong started blogging whilst studying in Sydney to document a daily fashion photo diary of her everyday outfits. Since then it has developed into a platform where she share fashion trends. Her personal style is “diverse with a sensational touch of mood” and she explores different ways to mix and match clothes. Her outfits can be all black, crazy with prints, it depends on her mood and the season. 

vnikali_butterboom@vnikali Veronica Li’s blog started as a visual diary to voice what she was passionate about and to show fashion, beauty and styling tips. Her blog includes DIY projects, fashion and beauty reviews on the latest fashion trends trends. We love her styling advise section – ” how to style”. She describes her personal style as ‘elegant with a 1950s twist’ and her Instagram is full of elegantly colourful outfits. 



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