Step Forward with 3D Printed Shoes

3D printed shoes
By Butterboom Writers  /  October 25, 2013

Have you ever wanted to design a pair of shoes in the right size and colours you want? It’s every girls dream. Cubify, the company that makes and produces 3D items with its various 3D printers are making this a reality. In fact you can design anything you can imagine, a bag, piece of furniture, jewellery and print it out from a 3D printer.

Cubify has collaborated with with Finnish designer, Janne Kyttanen of 3D Systems, and have launched a range of free shoe designs using their CubeX 3D printer.

The shoe collection starts with a basic design of peep-toe wedges and other more complicated styles. The Leaf  is covered in grooves, Macedonia has a flat strap and holes across the wedge heels and the Facet looks like it was carved from a block of stone with its polygon shape.  You can download the free designs and then customize the size and colour of the shoe before printing it out.


The ability to print a pair of shoes or anything from your home is revolutionary and will change the way we shop, buy and consumer everything. 3D printers is revolutionizing the way we get our goods to the level of how the internet made it possible to send a message to someone across the world in an instant via email or a sms from when we had to send a letter physically across the ocean to deliver a message.

At them moment, the limitation in what you can make from these 3D printers lies in the material that it can be printed out from which is plastic in a variety of texture, strength, smoothness and flexibility and also ceramic. We are excited that it won’t be long before these bad boys will be able to print out leather shoes,customized dresses in just about any material.


How it works?

The 3D printer cost USD$2662 and you have to buy the cartridges containing the plastic material to print out the shoes.

You can get a 3D printer from the Cubify Official Store here and download the free digital files of the shoes or just buy the shoes directly without the printer.



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