Rupert Sanderson’s Golden Heels in Hong Kong Boutique

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 14, 2012

Walking on gold.

An exclusive and limited collection that will have you stepping out in shimmer.

There was once a time when the red sole was the most coveted of soles (and they are still fighting over who can make red sole shoes), but it looks like we have another option now – to go for gold. The result of Bertrand Mak’s ingenious idea and over a year of research later, Rupert Sanderson launches The Gold Collection – a repertoire of 10 signature styles each boasting a shiny 23K gold leaf heel.

We though how outrageous is it to put gold leaf on the heels of shoes?  The trick apparently for keeping the gold in tack when most of us are worrying about it chipping away on the street is that the gold leafs are held together by quite a few layers of lacquer, genius!

What could have been a hot hoochie mess has in fact turned out to be an undeniably sophisticated collection of classic styles with that distinct Sanderson sophistication. With each pair painstakingly made in Bologna and the nifty hands that go into gold leafing in order to achieve just the right amount of veins, sheen and texture, these shoes are not just made for walking – they are truly decadent pieces of art.

Available in store and online from mid June with certain colours only available in Hong Kong, like the pink and tulle versions featured here.

 How much? 

Price Range: HK$5,000-HK$10,0000


8 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: 2530 3391


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