Maison Martin Margiela Glass Slippers

Maison Martin Margiela Glass Shoe Heel
By Butterboom Writers  /  September 21, 2009

If the shoe fits… Leave it to Maison Martin Margiela to turn the Cinderella fantasy into reality. How can we be surprised by this?  It is designers like Margiela and Rei Kawabuko, that have made the art of deconstruction and weird proportions fashionable.

The Glass slipper is a testament to Margiela’s fantastical designs.  Now who wants to see if the shoe fits or rather in this case the price fits? These limited edition glass heels are available at both the Maison Martin Martin Central and Harbour City stores.

It’s certainly not cheap and interestingly enough they are selling the glass slippers not as a pair but per piece. Anyone up for starting a new trend with non-matching shoes?

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maison martin margiela _butterboom_2

How Much?

  • Maison Martin Margiela Limited Edition Glass Heels- HK$9,899(each) & HK$19,999(1 pair)

Where to Buy?

  • Maison Martin Margiela Central Store at 18 On Lan Street, Central. Tel: 2869 7707
  • Maison Martin Margiela Harbour City Store at G105, Harbour City, Tsimshatsui. Tel: 2736 0006

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