5 Minutes with Sam Edelman

By Butterboom Writers  /  January 18, 2012

American shoe designer Sam Edelman pops into Hong Kong.

American shoe designer, Sam Edelman was recently in Hong Kong to promote his Spring/Summer 2012 collection at Lane Crawford. We had the chance to chat with him about how he got started and what inspires him.

Butterboom: How did you come to be a shoe designer?
Sam Edelman: When I was 30, my wife and I had dinner with a man who founded Esprit de Corp and he asked us if we would like to move to California and start the shoe business for them.  I was in San Francisco and couldn’t find one so I decided to design shoes myself. My biggest  break came from the redesigned of the Mexican Hurache (a traditional hand woven leather shoe from Mexico) to make it fashionable,  that’s how I launched my career in shoe design.

Movies that inspire you…Great Gatsby, Thelma and Louise, West Side Story, Five Easy Pieces and Midnight Cowboy

Music that inspires me …Beatles, a combination of classics and modernity in everything that I do

People that are most important to me…My wife, family and my good friends.

Most stylish person right now….Libby my wife is the most stylish person I know, she has a natural style and has the greatest ability to mix and match without being pretentious. It’s understated elegance.

What makes you happiest.…I am still in quest. However there was this donation that I made to a charity, The Shoe Shine Organisation  in our industry to  help people in shoe business to get educated and got in trouble and find it difficult to put their kids through school.  The day I wrote that cheque is the happiest day of my life, being able to do that.

To be remembered as.….I like to be remembered as someone who had great style and person that imparted great style to the world. And a person who gives young people a chance to grow without boundaries.

What must your shoes achieve?  To make the wearers happy, put a smile on their face.

What are your best selling shoes? The Gigi, it’s an iconic flat sandals that is the most popular shoe for us. It’s the best of our design.

Your top 3 favourite shoes for Spring/Summer 2012 ? The Gigi, Odetta and Novato in three colours


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