A New Look for The Landmark Louis Vuitton Maison

By Butterboom Writers  /  March 8, 2017

The Landmark Louis Vuitton Maison has undergone a transformation and its new look is sure to put this shopping destination (as well as Hong Kong) on the map of cool fashion destinations! This flagship store in the middle of Central now has a unique “hotel particulier” ambience that makes shopping here not just another day’s event but a memorable experience as well.

Firstly, the Jun Aoki-designed glass façade has made the Louis Vuitton Maison a showstopper in one of the busiest junctions in Hong Kong. Visitors to the city are sure to snap a picture of this cool building regardless of whether they are fashion or architecture enthusiasts.

And now, with a new Peter Marino interior, this store is sure to attract even more attention from both locals and tourists alike. The new transformation includes an intimate space across two floors where you can relax on plush sofas and lounge chairs while browsing through the latest collections of ready-to-wear, leather goods, accessories, fragrance, jewellery, watches and shoes. It is designed not to feel like your regular high-end boutique but more like a fashion destination to indulge yourself in the latest styles. There is also a private space that’s by invitation only for a personalised shopping experience.

So whether you are on a shopping spree or just love to indulge yourself in architecture, make sure The Landmark Louis Vuitton Maison is your list next!







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