Harry Winston’s Manhattan Collection

By Butterboom Writers  /  December 1, 2009

An awe-inspiring collection.


An awe-inspiring collection

Inspired by one of the world’s greatest fashion capital, legendary American jeweler, The House of Harry Winston debuts the New York Collection, transforming precious gems into exquisite masterpieces. The collection consists of 6 iconic themes, each a reinterpretation of the unique architecture, culture and nature of fabulous New York.


It is easy to see how the Reflection Diamond Pendant is sparked by the city’s magnificent skyline. The symmetrical bottom half of the pendant creates the illusion of skyscrapers’ reflection on the River Hudson. This dazzling pendant is made of 47 baguette diamonds and weighs a hefty 5.3 carats. We also adore the River Sapphire and Diamond ring as it exudes regal glamour with the touch of vivid royal blue. The distinct triangular shapes on the ring remind us of the gentle waves of River Hudson. The Traffic Diamond Drop Earrings are a playful imagery of New York’s notorious traffic. Both ends of each earring are adorned with translucent baguette diamonds, while the round brilliant diamonds line up in between to create an elegant style.

How much?

Reflection Diamond Pendant, HK$ 316,800

River Sapphire and Diamond Ring, HK$ 140,800

Traffic Diamond Drop Earrings, HK$ 202,400

Where to buy?

  • Shop E8, G/F, The Peninsula Hotel, Tsimshatsui Kowloon. Tel: 2301 2131

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