Say “Happy Mother’s Day” with Dior Joaillerie

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 8, 2009

A piece from Dior’s Milly La Foret collection will make Mom happy!


Well if you left it to the last minute again, then this is the your save! Forget the flowers, forget the chocolate, here’s a gift that will put you over the top in Mom’s book (and make you look better than your younger sister/brother/cat)!

In memory of the time that Mr. Christian Dior and his mother spent in the Milly La Foret garden, Dior Joaillerie uses flowers and creatures in the garden as an inspiration to its jewelries. How can you go wrong: Dior jewellery with a story! Available now at Dior boutiques in Hong Kong view the gallery below to see the prices.

Happy Mother’s Day from!


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