Cartier’s Trinity Collection

By Butterboom Writers  /  April 30, 2009

Cartier showcases its latest Trinity collection.


The reinvention of a classic- that is what’s happened to the Cartier Trinity collection for the year 2009. Cartier has taken the classic Trinity designs and have added embellishments and complexities to suit the modern woman.

The Trinity collection’s roots go back to the year 1920, when a ring with 3 intertwined bands of pink, yellow and white gold was released by Cartier. It instantly became famous and was immediately identified as one of the brand’s iconic designs. For this year, Cartier has reinterpreted the Trinity with details to give it an updated look extending the range to bracelets and necklaces.  A fresh take on the design involved a 6-band style, lending a more modern and extravagant aesthetic to the already sophisticated line.



How much?

Cartier 6-band Trinity bracelet- HK $560,000

Cartier Trinity ring (classic) -HK $7,850

Cartier Trinity band with diamonds- HK $39,900

Cartier Trinity Necklace- HK $227,000


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