Zombies, Lawyers and Audrey Tautou

By Butterboom Writers  /  May 10, 2007

3 non-superhero movies open in Hong Kong today.


In what maybe your only weekend in the next few months of a weekend without a sequel or superhero in site, 3 new flicks open today for those that can’t get in to see Spider-Man 3.

FRACTURE: Anthony Hopkins vs. Ryan Gosling in a law thriller. Acting should be good, story might be so-so. Trailer here. At the Broadway Circuit.

PRICELESS: The Da Vinci Code’s Audrey Tautou returns in a new French flick (Hors de Prix). Reviews are good, download the trailer here. Showing via Golden Harvest.

28 WEEKS LATER: Oops – I guess this is a sequel, in a way, of the very-awesome 28 Days Later. But no Cillian Murphy. You might have to be a huge fan of the first one to dig this one, the trailer here. This is obviously the biggest release of this week so heck out the new AMC theatres if you haven’t seen a movie there before or at the UA circuit.


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