‘Zodiac’ Guts Open Hong Kong Today

By Butterboom Writers  /  June 21, 2007

New David Fincher thriller in cinemas today, and the new Travolta comedy.


Amazingly, Zodiac is being dropped into Hong Kong cinemas today amidst all the Hollywood super-movies, alongside the John Travolta motorcycle movie Wild Hogs. Both these films came out earlier this year and Zodiac is out on DVD in July, but its nice that David Fincher (The director of Se7en and Fight Club) gets time in the cinema. Reviews are good, but apparently its no Se7en, but may be worth a look for those looking for an exciting thriller.

Although the trailers we’ve seen for Wild Hogs look funny, it looks little more than a motorcycle version of City Slickers (ooh but Marisa Tomei is in it). Nonetheless, a comedy is a good thing between all the usual movie explosions and spandex superheroes so we won’t judge this like we did Galaxy Quest before seeing it.

No doubt these 2 will be moved out of Hong Kong rotation quick to make room for Shrek 3 next week, so if you want to see them in the movie house, do it this weekend. Buy tickets online here or here and while this might give away the ending (Zodiac is based on a true story) you might want to see this clip on the real Zodiac killer from “Unsolved Mysteries” below:


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