Your Chinese New Year Movie Choices

By Butterboom Writers  /  February 5, 2007

A couple of twins, talking animals and Ben Stiller?


If you are sticking around town this Chinese New Year, here is the unfortunate list of the three big movies that will be playing at your local cineplex. Click the names for trailers:

TWINS MISSION: Hmmm, I’d rather poke my eye out with a dirty chopstick.

CHAROLETTE’S WEB: Julia Roberts voice in a talking pig movie with Dakota Fanning? Next!

NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: This Ben Stiller movie SOUNDS like something interesting but its getting lousy reviews, so it must be good for the kids.

The reviews for Charlotte’s Web make it seem like the winner of the 3:

“Factor in terrific work by an inspired cast of voices — including Julia Roberts as Charlotte, Steve Buscemi (a perfect Templeton the Rat), John Cleese (an acerbic sheep), Oprah Winfrey (a chatty goose) and 10-year-old Dominic Scott Kay in the key role of Wilbur, the wide-eyed spring pig — and you’ve got a license to spin boxoffice gold that should continue through the holidays and into the new year.”

If you like Computer Graphics and Jumaji:

“The special effects are a blast. The T-Rex skeleton looks authentic as it clatters down the hallway after a terrified Larry. But even better is the remarkable, star-studded ensemble. Robin Williams aptly segues from his lead in Jumanji, in which game characters came to life, to a mentoring role here as Teddy Roosevelt, who guides Larry to find his own greatness. Mr. Stiller’s mother, comedienne Ann Meara, gets him the job. Mr. Wilson, with his good-natured cowboy swagger, is, as always, a hoot. And stick around for the closing credits if you want to see Mr. Van Dyke dance.”

As for Twins Mission, I think the review will be something similar to their 2002 outing Twins Effect:

The Twins Effect is not a good film, and it pretty much hangs all its marbles on the photogenic charm of its terrible twosome. But in some ways, that may be enough.

So it looks like its a great time to revisit some old films at home or wait till March for The Queen, Dreamgirls or the CG-version of TMNT.


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